Busting Brow Myths

Do you ever want to shout at the mirror when trying to fill in your brows because they just won’t match? Do you stare back at yourself slightly lifting one brow so they are the same height? 

Well, we’ve all been there. So we want to bust some brow myths that might help you out…

Sisters, not twins. 

You’ve probably heard this before, but really, sisters not twins! No face is perfectly symmetrical, and neither are your beautiful brows. Follow your natural shape, and touch up the areas that stand out the most. You can use pencil, powder, or come in to see our expertly trained brow artists who can help you out with some shaping & tint! 

One size fits all 

We have all been watching a beauty influencer, and thought… That looks amazing, I’m going to try that brow shape! And then you realise, it’s taking up your whole forehead? 

One shape doesn’t suit everyone. Your face shape and features should be highlighted by your brows, not overshadowed by them. For rounder faces try a higher arch, for oval faces try a soft defined arch, and for a square face, try a bold arch! 

Your brows should match the colour of your hair:

WWCDD?: What would Cara Delevingne do? While it’s a good idea to keep your brows at least one shade darker than your natural hair colour if you are blonde or a beautiful redhead you can go darker for a dramatic look!  You don’t need to make your brows identical to your roots if you colour your hair, go with whatever suits you best, girl!

Your eyebrows will grow back differently after tweezing, waxing, and threading

While some are more painful than others this is just a myth, friends. It approximately takes 3-4 weeks for your hair to grow back regardless of how you remove it. However, threading is a lot kinder to your skin than wax! 

You should follow brow shape trends

It’s totally fine to follow eyebrow trends, product trends, but try to always let your natural brows shine! Following brow shape trends can be fun for the now, but every time my mother looks back at her thin 2000’s eyebrows, she cringes! Remember, it’s a trend and this too shall pass! 

If you have any more busted brow myths, comment them below! We would love to hear what you’ve tried, what worked for you, or what didn’t! 

As Jack Black said, “you must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow”.