Lash Lift Lowdown

We blab on a lot about brows over here at iBrow Threads… Can you blame us? Brows are in our name (and our hearts!) But we would like a little chat about our other very popular service… The lash lift and tint (Hold for Applause!) 

Are you sick of your mascara getting clumpy, flaky and making a mess of your face? Sick of the panda eyes after you attempt to take it off each evening? Do you want your eyes to POP? We have the answer for you! Lash Lifts give you the lashes of your dreams without the hassle of maintaining eyelash extensions. 

How it works:

Our lovely beauticians will have a chat to you about the results you are looking to achieve before they clean your eye area thoroughly and place calming eye patches underneath your eyes. Then, they will place a soft silicone lash lifting rod onto your eyelid, and this is what’s used to curl the lashes upwards, over the rods, giving them a curled, lifted effect. An adhesive is used to set the lashes in place, creating a perfectly curled lash. A lifting solution is then applied to the lashes, followed by the setting lotion to lock them into place. Add a tint to this service to darken your lashes, to make your eyes pop even more. 

This service only takes about 45 minutes, and after that, you will have Lucious lashes for up to 6 – 8 weeks! 

There isn’t much in terms of aftercare with this service either. Just avoid wearing makeup, and getting your lashes wet with either water or steam for 24 hours. 


  • Swift application time (Approx. 45 minutes)
  • Results lasted between 6-and 8 weeks.
  • ZERO maintenance!
  • The lashes are lifted from the roots, giving a naturally lifted look.
  • There is an illusion of longer-looking lashes.
  • Brings attention to the eyes while enhancing the natural lashes, not damaging them! 
  • Perfect for all lash types.

Try a Lash lift and Tint today! Book online to secure your appointment.

Our Lash Lift & Tint service is available in all 4 iBrow Threads stores in ACT, & SA location in the following centres:
SA -Westfield Marion

ACT – Westfield Woden, Westfield Belconnen, Canberra centre. 

Happy lifting girls!